Volume Discounts

Each time you move and pay for ten full or partial loads you will receive a certificate for $200.00 that you can use on any upcoming move.

(You are credited even if your client pays)

That may not sound like much, however, we are Freight Brokers and our standard mark-up is a flat $200 per move. The Dispatchers and Corporate divide the mark-up equally. We do not charge the normal minimum, plus 10%-20%-30% that most brokers and truck lines do. To lower our gross income we want to enter our customers into a Profit Sharing Program. We will give 20% of our Corporate Gross Income back to our customers, when they qualify. Our customers who use our Quick Pay Program get up to 70% of our corporate gross income plus the 20% from our Volume Discount Program.


  • We do not have a limited number of trucks like truck lines do – we have access to 1000’s of trucks, coast to coast and Canada.
  • You can give us your rigger or shippers/receivers name and number and we will take over coordinating the move. You can use the time you save more productively.
  • We pay the trucks fairly so that you don’t have to put up with no-shows.


    • Regarding partials – – we can move your freight when there is an available truck to your destination.
    • We do not ship anything with common carriers – their rates are lower but they transload, which we don’t allow and we feel our customers freight needs to be fully insured. When we commit to take care of your freight we make sure we can follow through
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